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The Widget Section can be found under Appearance. (Click to Enlarge)

WordPress Widgets are designed to provide a simple way to add various elements to your sidebar or footer without changing any code. They can help visitors easily navigate through your site or find the specific information they need.

Take note though that widget areas are theme dependent. Not all themes will have the same places to put widgets in.

Widgets Section

The Widget Section has 3 important elements: Available Widgets, Widget Areas, Inactive Widgets. (Click to enlarge)

The Widget Section contains three important elements:

  1. Available Widgets
    This box contains all the available widgets you can use for your blog.
  2. Widget Areas
    Depending on your blog's theme, you can have different areas to add widgets to. Some areas are for your left sidebar or the right sidebar. There are also themes that allow you to add widgets to your blog's footer.
  3. Inactive Widgets
    You can archive widgets you have used by placing them in this box. All the widgets placed here will retain all their settings, ready to be used if you choose to do so.
    When you change themes, all of your widgets will not be transferred automatically but placed in the Inactive Widgets area.

How to Add Widgets

You can add widgets by simply dragging a widget from the Available Widgets box and dropping them into any of the Widget Areas.

How to Remove Widgets

Remove widgets by dragging them outside of the Widget Areas or dropping them into the Inactive Widgets box.

Navigational Widgets

You can add widgets that will help visitors navigate around your site. Depending on how your structured your content, you have a number of options at your disposal.

  • Tag Cloud Widget: Creates a text cloud based on the tags you have used on your posts. The more a tag is used, the larger it will appear in the tag cloud.
    Tag Cloud Widget Back-end View Tag Cloud Widget Front-end View
  • Categories Widget: Create a list based on how you categorized your posts. You can also create drop-down menus by using subcategories.
    Categories Widget Back End.png Categories Widget Fron End.png
  • Pages Widget: Creates a list based on the pages you have created.
    Pages Widget Back-end.png Pages Widget Frond End.png

Text Widget

The Text Widget (Click to Enlarge)

The Text Widget provides you added flexibility with an area to add custom text, images, or any other media onto your sidebar. Some knowledge of HTML is needed for more advanced and customized uses.

If you don't know HTML, try creating your content as a post and then copying the code in HTML View.

Take note that space for the sidebar area is limited. You may need to adjust or experiment a few times to get the sizing correctly.