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Setting up your e-Portfolio for PharmD

Create your own blog

 1. Go to
 2. Go to the support site and on the Getting Started page download the Learning Portfolio template (step 2)
        * You’ll see a Google Doc screen with the file “PharmDwordpress.template.xml”
        * Click on “Download 38K”
        * Save the file to your desktop.
  3. Return to the dashboard of your blog, click on Tools > Import
        *  Select WordPress from the list of systems
        *  Search for the e-Portfolio template you just downloaded (an xml file)
        *  Select Upload File and Import
        *  Assign yourself as the author by selecting your own username from the drop down menu (This cannot be changed).
        *  Select the “Download and import file attachments” box
        *  Click Submit
  4. From the Dashboard, select Appearance > Themes
        * Activate the “Contempt” theme
  5. From the Dashboard, select Appearance > Widgets
       * Add the Pages widget into the sidebar area
              * Type “Content” in the title field.
              * Sort by “Page Order”
              * Click Save
       * Add the Categories widget into the sidebar area
              * Type “Rotations” in the title field
              * Select “Show as dropdown”
              * Click Save
  6. Click on Settings in the left-hand navigation bar, and select Reading
        *  Select the radio button next to “A static page”
        *  For the Front Page select from the dropdown menu the blank that is just above the About.
        *  For the Posts page select “Specific Rotation Goals”
        *  Click Save Changes
  7. Click on Pages in the left-hand navigation bar
        *  From the list of pages delete the About page 
  8. Click on Posts in the left-hand navigation bar
        *  Delete the “Hello World!” post
  9. Click on Visit Site

We will also look at: (download the 7-things you need to know doc here:

  • Customize the header
  • Edit posts, and categorize accordingly
  • Edit pages
  • Upload a PDF of their resume to the CV page
  • How to password protect the CV page