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Welcome to Wordpress Basics I Training

WordPress Basics 1 Training Guide

Session Description

Did you know that there are many big companies and academic institutions that use WordPress for their webspace? - eBay, Yahoo, Harvard Law School, MIT, Ford, Wall Street Journal, Sony – this list goes on! If you plan to start your own webspace, the best choice for a blog application would be WordPress! This beginner hands-on workshop will introduce you to Wordpress’ rich set of features including composing and formatting posts and pages, adding images and media, selecting themes, privacy settings, and much more!
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Emily Renoe - emily.renoe [at] + 1 604 822 0836

Lucas Wright - lucas.wright [at] +1 604 827 5650

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  1. Intros and Objectives (5 mins)
  2. Examples (5 mins)
  3. Activity 1: The Purpose of Your Site (15 mins)
  4. Activity 2: Hands-on (75 mins)
  5. Wrap up and questions (10 mins)

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this WordPress workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Define a webspace philosophy and purpose
  • Create a basic webspace
  • Create and add pages and posts
  • Understand the different between categories and tags
  • Add images and multimedia
  • Customize the appearance of the webspace with themes and widgets


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