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There are several different ways in which you can use WordPress for your course.

See the Examples section of the toolkit to give you an idea on how others have used blogs for their teaching.

Keep your teaching goals in mind throughout the whole process and think about using the SECTIONS framework to help you evaluate your choices.

Send an email to identifying yourself as an instructor and you can get all the options explained to you.


5 questions to ask yourself before you create your blog

  1. Q: Do I have a topic that is clear, focused, and interesting to me?
    A: Click here for a few tips to help you choose a topic for your blog.
  2. Q: Is my writing voice effectively portraying the feel and look I want my blog to have?
    A: Click here for tips on how to develop your unique blogging voice.
  3. Q: Am I protecting my private information, while ensuring there are ways to contact and interact with me?
    A: Visit UBC's Digital Tattoo to find out more about protecting your privacy and preserving your online integrity.
  4. Q: Have I set a realistic standard for the frequency I will update my blog to ensure I do not disappoint the people following my blog?
    A: Click here for are a few tips on how to not break your commitment to your readers.
  5. Q: Have I effectively networked my blog with other bloggers to facilitate diverse conversation and feedback for my blog posts?
    A: Click here for a few tips to take your blog to the next level by connecting with more readers.