Documentation:WordPress Basics/Basics 1 Guide/Sign-up and Login

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Get a UBC Blogs Account

  1. Go to (bookmark this for the future!) >> click on the LOGIN button and enter your CWL information.
    The CWL button is located on the right-hand side of the screen. Use your CWL to sign-up for UBC Blogs.
  2. The “Get your own UBC Blogs account” screen appears
  3. Enter a Username (only the lowercase letters a-z and numbers allowed), Email address, and Display Name
  4. Agree to to the terms: "I have read and agree to the terms of service"
  5. Select "Gimme a Site" and click the NEXT button
    Fill out all the necessary information to start your own blog. (Click to Enlarge)

Create a Blog

  1. Choose a Site Name and Site Title.
    Note: The Site Name will become part of your URL and cannot be changed.
  2. Select the Privacy option you are comfortable with
  3. Click the SIGNUP button at the bottom of the page
    The image above shows the options when creating a blog. Remember that the Site Name is permanent. (Click to Enlarge)