Documentation:WordPress Basics/Basics 1 Guide/Add Media to Pages and Posts

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A number of different media formats can be uploaded to WordPress MU including PDFs, Docs, PPTs, and images. This media can be inserted into pages and posts in your site. The following guide will assist you in adding content to your site.

  • Create a new page by clicking on Pages in the sidebar
  • To add media to a page, scroll to the area above the Formatting Menu and select the Add Media icon
  • From the Add Media Window, drag and drop files from your desktop or click on Select Files
  • Choose the image, document or audio file to upload and click Open
  1. Once the upload is complete, give the media a title, a caption and description (optional), alternative text (accessibility) and click Insert Into Post. If the file is an image it will appear in their post. If the file is a PowerPoint, PDF or Document it will appear as a hyperlink
  2. Click Update on the right-hand sidebar to publish your revised page
  3. Click on View Page to return to the site and view the changes
Add files to your post/page via the Upload/Insert Media above your Formatting Menu.