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These are some of the approaches we have found helpful in preparing to facilitate a session using Wimba Live Classroom.

Preparing Your Content

We recommend that your online sessions can be delivered in an hour. Here are some recommendations for preparing your content for online delivery:

  1. Prepare an overview slide with the 5 or 6 key ideas that you want to present/discuss.
  2. Prepare a slide outlining the 2 or 3 takeaways that you hopr participants will leave your session with.
  3. Keep slides to a few bullet points or (better yet) images to represent your main ideas.
  4. Plan for a check in break or activity about every 5 or 6 slides. You may want to use a poll to check for understanding, generate opinions or ask a question.
  5. Make polls meaningful to the content and interesting for participants.
  6. Make use of videos or other internet resources by opening urls in the whiteboard. Be clear about what you want participants do when they explore the site on their own.
  7. If you want to guide participants through a site, use the desktop sharing feature and practice this ahead of time.

Facilitating the Session