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This is a space to organize resources associated with orientating classes to wiki editing using the UBC Wiki or Wikipedia.

Wiki Editing: Overview for Students

Class Assignment: Lexicography Tool Review as Class Resource

Note: This course assignment used the UBC Wiki

  • Instructor: Mark Turin
  • Class time: 90 minutes
  • Context: students and instructor new to wiki editing/ preparing for an assignment to create a wiki entry (UBC Wiki) on a lexicography tool.
  • Course assignment page:

  • see discussion page for further thoughts/comments/questions.

Class Assignment: Canadian Literature on Wikipedia

Note: This course assignment used Wikipedia (WikiEDU)

  • Instructor: Kathryn Grafton
  • Class time: 3 classes of 90 minutes for a wiki edit-a thon - orientation/ research support for the first class and consultation/support for classes where students were working on their projects.
  • Context: students new to wikipedia editing/ focus: adding to the articles on Wikipedia about Canadian Literature: authors, novels, etc. - full pages to edits to existing articles.
  • Course assignment page (on Wikipedia):

General Notes on Wiki Support

  • meet with Instructor to determine
  • why wiki?
  • what they want to do with the wiki and their students (the assignment)
  • their own experience with wikis
  • UBC Wiki vs. Wikipedia
  • create a lesson plan for student orientation:
  • specific to course
  • specific to assignment
  • focus on students editing.