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Before the term starts

Do I have an iClicker Instructor Kit? (from the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology)?

  • Blue Instructor Remote: to control clicker sessions and presentation.
  • (Optional) USB Flash Drive: contains iClicker software and documentation. Can download the software at the following link.
  • (Optional) base/receiver: if it is not already in the classroom I am teaching, contact the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology at to get your own iClicker base and/or get one installed.
    • Check here to see if your classroom has a base/receiver or not.

Has the UBC Bookstore ordered enough iClicker remotes?

  • To order clickers for your class, search the ISBN: 0-7167-7939-0 and add the clickers to your course textbook reservation invoice.

Do I have the latest version of the software?

  • If not, there is now an updated software for iclickers here

How do I add a course to iClicker?

  • Open the iClicker application in the "iClicker Mac - UBC 5.5.4" folder and press the "Add Course" button to add your course.

Have I allowed my students to register their clickers on Connect?

Do I want to set different participation and/or perfomance points per clicker session or do I want to set it once for the entire term?

  • To set the grading for the iClicker sessions, open the iClicker application. Choose the course to be changed. Press “Your Settings and Preferences” and select the Scoring tab on the top bar. Change your grades. At the bottom right, you can press “Set for session” or “Set for term.” to save the changes.

Before classes start

Have I prepared my clicker questions for my lecture?

  • iClicker works with almost all presentation software and will capture screenshot of the questions you created.

Have I updated my class list?

  • During the first few weeks, download the class roster from Connect into iGrader a few times since students might add/drop the course.
Note 1: Go [Documentation:Clickers_and_Connect/Using_the_CMS_Integrate_Wizard here] to find out how to look up your CMS Username and Security Key
Note 2: You need to have a Connect Course.
Note 3: You need to have "Blackboard Version 8 or Above" (Connect) checked in your Settings and Preferences in iClicker under the Registration/Export tab and the Course Management System heading.

Have I changed the default iClicker frequency if I am not using the default AA frequency?

  • Bases permanently installed in classrooms have permanent frequencies set that cannot be changed.
  • If not, you can change that in Settings and Preferences as described here.

After the class/term

Have I synchronized my iGrader scores into my Connect Grade Book?

No installation is required for iClicker hardware or software. It runs off a USB drive or your laptop (eg. desktop).

How do I add clickers to my course textbook requisition form?

  1. Login to the Textbook Requisition System here
  2. Follow the video tutorial on the Textbook Requisition System site here.
  3. Add ISBN 0716779390 into your textbook requisition.
For any question on the Textbook Requisition System, please refer to Textbook Requisition help or contact UBC Bookstore Textbook Requisition System.

How do I set up the iClicker hardware?

1. To find out if the classroom you will be teaching in has a permanent affixed iClicker receiver hub, go to the eLearning website, confirm with the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology via, or go here for UBC or here for UBCO.
If there is a receiver hub (switcher) in the classroom:
A. The i-clicker USB switcher, which is used for sharing a single i-clicker receiver between a laptop computer and the Podium PC. These devices have to be selected to the correct input for the i-clicker to function.
B. The switcher is normally quite well labelled with sufficient instructions. The location of the switcher may vary, it depends on the design of the podium.
C. The USB cable is usually labelled as "i-clicker". The USB cable is either laying on top of the podium or tucked in the cable trough by some users.

IclickerUSB switcher.png

2. To get your own iClicker receiver hub, USB key, and instructor remote, contact the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology via
3. In one of the two ports at the back of the hub, insert the hub’s USB in the “To Computer” slot and insert the other end into the USB slot of your computer.

Clicker backport.png

4. You can insert your USB key in the hub’s other slot, “Flash Memory,” or insert it into a USB slot of your computer

How do I use the new iClicker hardware?

1. To find out if the classroom you will be teaching in has a white iClicker base on the podium, go to the eLearning website, confirm with the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, or go to here for UBC or here for UBCO.
2. On the screen you will find two rows of information.
a) On the first row you will find the timer on the left and the number of votes on the right
b) On the bottom row you will find the percentages of votes for each answer
3. The USB port for your flash drive is now found on the right side of the iClicker base on the black mount.
4. You can also rotate the base up to 180 degrees, so that you can see the display easier.

What is included in the USB thumb drive?

The USB thumb drive contains both the Mac and Windows iClicker software and some documentations.
Note: You do not have to use the thumb drive. The Software can be downloaded here.

Adding an iClicker registration link to your Course

  • Students are now able to register and deregister clickers in Connect through the i>clicker registration link that this section will help you set up!
  • Log into Connect
  • Open the course for which you wish to add an i>clicker Student Registration link
  • Make sure you are in "Teacher View"
  • Make sure Edit Mode is "On" (button is in the top right corner)

The link can be added to one of two locations:

Adding the link to the Sidebar

  • Click on the "+" symbol at the top left of the sidebar
  • Click "Tool Link" as shown in the image below:
Note: If you do not see the "i>clicker Student Registration" tool link, you will need to enable the iclicker tool by:
1. Go to "Customization" near the bottom of the sidebar
2. Click on "Tool Availability"
3. Find and check off the boxes for "i>clicker Instructor Resources" and "i>clicker Student Registration"
4. Go to the bottom of the page to "Submit" the changes
5. Try adding the link again
Adding the Registration Link to the Sidebar
Adding the Registration Link to the Sidebar
  • Add a name for the link
  • Select "i>clicker Student Registration" for the Type field
  • Check the "Available to Users" box
  • Click "Submit"

Adding the link to the Content Area

  • Click on the "Content Area" link (named as "Content" in the left-hand sidebar in the image shown below) only if you have already created a "Content Area" from the "+" drop down list
Note: You can create a "Content Area" by clicking "+" then "Content Area". Fill in the fields and click "Submit"
  • Click "Tools" then "More Tools" then "i>clicker Student Registration" as shown in the image below:
Note: If you do not see the "i>clicker Student Registration" tool link, you will need to enable the iclicker tool by:
1. Go to "Customization" near the bottom of the sidebar
2. Click on "Tool Availability"
3. Find and check off the boxes for "i>clicker Instructor Resources" and "i>clicker Student Registration"
4. Go to the bottom of the page to "Submit" the changes
5. Try adding the link again
Adding the i>clicker Remote Tool
  • Fill in all fields on the form, including start and end dates if desired
Adding the i>clicker Remote Tool
  • Click "Submit"

This i>clicker Registration link only needs to be added to one of the two locations.

Note: The clicker registration module that can be added directly to the course homepage does not allow students to deregister clickers. It is suggested that one of the above methods is used instead.

I've plugged in my USB drive or the software for iClickers are somewhere in my hard drive. How do I add courses to the iClicker application?

1. Go to the iClicker folder, and double click on i>clicker.
D1 - iClicker Icon.png
2. Click on "Add Course"
D2 - Add Course Button.png
3. Type in the necessary course information - eg. Course Name: MATH, Course Number: 100, Section Number: 102 (MATH-100-102). Click on "Create".
D3 - Add Course Details.png
4.Then choose the course you created, and click on "Choose".
D4 - Course Added.png
D5 - Choose Button.png
5. A iClicker session window will open that will look something like this.
D6 - iClicker User Interface.png

Is there a particular setting that is preferred? Where can I change my settings and preferences?

For a description of each setting, click on the circular question-mark "Help" button beside each field. Please note that you will have to change these settings for every class, but not for every lecture.

1. In the General tab:

General Settings Mac.png
A. Instructor's Remote ID: Enter the ID of your blue iClicker here to control your presentation software from anywhere in the lecture hall. If your blue iClicker came with a post-it go HERE for information on how to find out which iClicker ID to use.
B. Frequency Code: The default frequency channel is set to AA. If you are the only instructor using iClickers in the vicinity, you may leave the frequency code unchanged. Otherwise, you or the other instructor will need to change the frequency.
The frequency code may need to be changed
If you are in a classroom with a permanently affixed iClicker receiver hub, the frequency is fixed and will override any frequency change made in this feature.
C. Frequency Change Alert: When you change your frequency from the default, a popup will appear to tell students how to change their clicker frequency.
The frequency in this alert will be set to the frequency in iClicker. If a permanently affixed iClicker receiver hub is in use, it will not be displayed properly here.
Frequency alert.png
NOTE: To change frequencies on the iClickers for students and instructors (This is also on the back of the iClickers):
Make sure the iClicker receiver hub is inserted into the computer you, the instructor, are going to be using
  1. Press the On/Off button until the blue Power light flashes
  2. Enter the new frequency until a GREEN Vote Status light appears
  3. Redo this for every session since the frequency will revert back to AA each time the clicker turns off.


2. In the Registration/Export Tab:
IClicker Connect Settings and Preferences.png
A. Web Registration: You don’t need to enter a security code in this section. Leave this section blank.
B. Course Management System: By default, the CMS option is set to General, but you MUST change it to Blackboard Version 8 or above for ALL your Connect classes.


3. In the Question and Polling Tab:
Questions Polling mac.png
A. Question Information: By default, iClicker names the questions in your clicker session as "Question 1, 2, ....". If you prefer to name your question AND add an answer (without showing your students), select "Show question information before each question."
B. Polling Timer: You can chose whether or not to set a limit on how long your students have in order to answer a question by selecting "Count down from ___".


4. in the Scoring Tab:
Scoring mac.png
A. Participation/Attendance Points: If students answer at least the minimun number of questions in the session, they get participation points even if their answer for the question(s) is/are wrong.
B. Performance Points: These points are awarded for each question for specific answer(s) and/or participation; therefore, if the student gets a correct answer, they would be awarded the points.

5. Once you are done with all the configurations, click on "Set For Course".
G6 - Set For Course Button.png

How do I get my username and password for CMS Integrate Wizard?

1. Follow the steps found here to find your CMS Username and Security Key

How do I import my class roster from Connect?

2. In your clicker course folder, open i>grader.
Igrader icon.png
3. Select your course, then click on "Open i>grader".
Igrader select course.png
Open igrader.png
4a. If the following pop-up appears, click on "Yes". If not, go to 3b.
Blackboard Roster not found.png
4b. Click on "Synchronize Web Registrations". Then click "Yes".
Synchronize class.png
Confirm roster sync option.png
Note: If CMS Integrate Wizard does not open, you will need to install Microsoft's .NET framework on your computer.
Click here: Microsoft's .NET framework
5. In the pop-up window, enter your CMS Username and Security Key found inside your Connect course. Make sure the CMS is selected to be “Connect”. Press Login.
Connect Login Mac.png
6. In the dropdown menu, select your course and press "Import Roster". Your class roster will be imported into iGrader.
Import Roster Mac.png
7. Once the class roster is successfully downloaded, a message like this will appear.
Confirmation Download Mac.png
8. Click “Ok” and exit both the CMS Integrate Wizard and i>grader. The class roster should be updated when i>grader is restarted.

How do I run clicker sessions and how do I control my clicker sessions?

1. Before starting a session in class, plug in the iClicker receiver hub. Ask your students to turn on their clickers and if needed, change their frequencies.
2. In your "iClicker Mac - UBC" folder, open the iClicker application.
3. Select your course and press the "Choose" button.
4. Choose from the two session tabs:
Start resume.png
A)Start Session: For each lecture, you will need to start a new session. Each session will have its own column in the iGrader and ultimately in your WebCT gradebook.
B)Resume Last Session: If in the middle of your lecture, you close iClicker or your computer crashes, you can resume your previous session and the clicker marks in that session will not be erased.
5. Press the "Start" button when you start asking your students a question. Press the "Stop" button to stop polling your students.
I2 - iClicker Session Interface.png
6. A timer will appear and will count up/down depending on your settings. A counter shows the number of student vote already registered for a certain question.
7. iClicker will take a screenshot of your screen for each question, meaning if you use a presentation software (i.e. Powerpoint), it will screenshot the slide you show to your student. This allows you to later review your questions without having to dig up the lecture slides.
8. You can press the "Display" button I5 - Display Icon.png at any time during your session to show a bar graph of your students' responses with percentages and number of votes for each choice.
I6 - Result Display.png
9. If you want to show the correct answer after the question, you can click on the correct answer on the display graph. Press "Hide" button to hide the graph. I8 - Hide Button.png
I7 - Display Right Answer.png
10. The "v" arrow button is your options button. Pressing it will give you a drop down menu:
I9 - Dropdown Arrow.png
A) Loan/Register Clickers: Students MUST register their clickers on Connect. Clickers SHOULD NOT be registered manually using this feature! We DO NOT recommend using this feature.
B) Questions On the Fly: For spontaneous questions that are not part of your planned lecture without interrupting your regular presentation.
C) Settings and Preferences: Change your settings without closing and reopening iClicker.
D) Anonymous Polling: This will poll students anonymously. This means that when the iClicker is closed, their selection will be deleted. Nothing will be recorded to the iGrader application.
11. Press the square button on the top right corner to close iClicker when you are done your session.
I10 - End iClicker Session Icon.png

iGrader looks a bit complicated. There are so many features! How do I use to export the marks on Connect?

1. In your iClicker course folder, open the i>grader application.
J1 - iGrader Icon.png
2. Choose the desired course from the course list. Click "Open i>grader".
3. The interface of iGrader has a table with your students in each row and each clicker session in the column
J2 - iGrader Table.png
Note: In iGrader, all the students in your course with a registered clicker will be in BLUE
students who HAVE NOT registered their clicker in Connect as well as unregistered clicker ids will be in RED.
4. By clicking on each student's name, you will be able to see the student's name, student number, and their registered clicker ID.
J3 - Student Information.png
You can use the "Add New Clicker" feature. If you manually change the iClicker ID for a student and you re-download the class roster from Connect, the newly added clicker will not be overwritten. However, it is not added in the database that stores all the clicker IDs for Connect, which means the student's other instructors would not know that particular clicker ID belongs to that student.
5. Each clicker session is labeled by date. If you run more than one session on a day, the second session will have "-2" appended after the date and so on. Click on the date to rename the Session Name.
J4 - Session Grades.png
6. If you click on a session date, the "Session Summary" screen below will appear. You can edit Participation/Attendance Points and Points for that specific session.
J5 - Session Summary.png
7. iClicker takes a picture every time you ask a question. You can view the screenshot using the "View Screenshot" button.
J6 - Session Screenshot.png
8. To export the grades, select the checkbox(es) for the session(s) you would like to upload to Connect and then press "Export Selected Session(s) as CSV(Excel) file" in the bottom left corner. If you want to export all the sessions, press "Export Term Summary as CSV(Excel) file". You do not need to select any sessions with this option.
J7 - Session Select Checkbox.png
J8 - Export Selected Session Button.png
J9 - Export Term Summary Button.png
9. The CMS Integrate Wizard will open. If you saved your CMS login information, it will appear saved. Otherwise, re-enter your login information and press the "Login" button.
10. Select your course from the drop down menu. Press "Upload Scores"
Mac Grade Upload Connect.png
11. The students' marks will now be in the Connect Gradebook.
12. Besides uploading the grades to Connect, another feature is the ability to compile the scores into an HTML page. This is a good way for instructors to view their i>clicker data and see where their students are at. In the iGrader main interface page, iGrader can create Reports and view them. Press the “Run/Update HTML Reports” button.

HTML button mac.png

A. The following Display Preferences pop-up will appear. Select your preference and press "Submit".
Note: "Remote ID only" is only available beginning in version 5.5.x.

HTML menu mac.png

B. A Report Summary (shown below) will pop‐up with a description of each option. You can click on each blue, underlined link to view the report.

HTML report summary mac.png