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This is no way to export & import widgets automatically (with 100% accuracy, anyways).

-method is done manually, in copy-paste fashion

-default import/export action (Tools > Import / Export function) does not include widgets


  1. import site content into new site (via XML import method) -so that your pages/posts/items, etc. are all created in your new site
  2. create widgets in corresponding sidebars
  3. copy/paste over necessary widget info (e.g. html, etc)
  4. if 'section' or 'section tabbed' widgets are used, go through the 'Special Pages' / 'Pages' / 'Categories' / 'Tags' & check that all the correct items are c​hecked off against original site.

What can / should be migrated?

  • Active Widgets (yes)
  • In-active widgets (yes/no?)
  • 'Widgets Template' sidebar no longer exists in new CLF (risk: low)​


'Subsidiary' wigdget (on old CLF) is now called 'Footer' widget (on new CLF)

3 sidebars that have been re-named, from:

  • Utility: Before Content
  • Utility: After Content
  • Utility: After Singular

  • Before Content
  • After Content
  • After Singular