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  • size options - thumbnail, medium, large, full, page-header, single-post-slide, single-post-slide-half, single-post-wide-slide
  • timthumb = 1 gives you back the url of the image passed through the timthumb image processor
  • width and height, sizes in pixels - used by both timbthumb and wp_get_attachment_image_src functions
  • [the_post_thumbnail_src size=thumbnail]
  • [the_post_thumbnail_src size=medium]
  • [the_post_thumbnail_src size= large]
  • [the_post_thumbnail_src size=full]
  • [the_post_thumbnail_src size=page-header]
  • [the_post_thumbnail_src size=single-post-slide]
  • [the_post_thumbnail_src size=single-post-slide-half]
  • [the_post_thumbnail_src size=single-post-wide-slide]

With the image tag included (<img src="image-src">):

  • [the_post_thumbnail size=thumbnail]
  • [the_post_thumbnail size=medium]
  • [the_post_thumbnail size= large]
  • [the_post_thumbnail size=full]