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The idea of is to pre-populate a blog with content-holders, plugins and themes based on the blog's purpose, which is indicated by the user during the sign up page.

The choice of template is not intended to limit your options but rather help you focus within the given need. Of courses all the options are available from any template!

UBC Blogs (will) offer(s) different blogs' templates, for different purposes. When creating the new blog, user is offered the following options:


Personal blog offers various WP themes to fit different needs for creative expression. We are also open to suggestions for installing additional functional, good looking and stable themes. Personal blogs option comes with the following plugins:


ePortfolio theme focuses on key functions for personal ePortfolio development: collect, select, reflect and present, combined with the ability to share and restrict access. Plugins available: resume builder Pages created:

Course Blog

Course blog offers the fastest way to put your course online. Few solid and functional themes, and key plugins for resource, student and communication management.

Community Blog

Community template offer most of what is needed for successful running of the online community: private or public, with group, forums, wiki and document management.


Publication blog is the good way to extended your existing paper based publication online.


Photo - simple photo-blogging theme, it changes the colour to match the photo.



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