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The UBC Wiki is organized into different content areas to accommodate different needs and the Sandbox is a place to work, experiment, collaborate, and play using the wiki. Pages created in the Sandbox area are not as easily accessed by the public (you need the url), so they offer a good place to experiment with wiki editing without the sense of publishing anxiety that new wiki users sometimes feel when publishing their work on the open web.

Note: Before your create a Sandbox, please complete the User Profile assignment.

Learning Outcomes

By completing this short assignment, you will have:

  • created and collaboratively edited your Sandbox page on the UBCWiki.
  • considered various perspectives on the benefits and risks in sharing your work publicly via the UBC Wiki.

In the process, you will practice:

  • using wiki mark-up (or the wiki editor) for adding some formatting like section headings, lists, etc.
  • applying principles of good writing for the wiki (fact-based, summary style, references)
  • finding, selecting and uploading images that comply with wiki licensing requirements.
  • editing another's page with a contribution such as a citation/reference/image or additional content.
  • applying practices that support collaboration (edit summaries, discussion pages)
  • discussing your perspective on sharing your work with a public audience via the UBC Wiki.

Estimated time to complete this assignment: 30 minutes (max).

Create a Sandbox page

Edit a Sandbox page

Share your perspectives on working in the open