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Obtain training from the APBI teaching lab technician Lewis Fausak ([], MCML 125) prior to using the muffle furnace.

Muffle Furnace Information

This model is a general-purpose laboratory and heat-treating furnace. The single setpoint model has a controller with a digital display that shows the current chamber temperature or setpoint temperature. 

The F6010 muffle furnace consists of:

  1. vented heating chamber
  2. temperature controller
  3. a door safety switch for operator safety.

Personal Protective Equipment

  1. Heat proof oven mitts
  2. Lab coat
  3. Safety goggles

Operating the Muffle Furnace

  1. To avoid injury:
    1. DO NOT use in the presence of flammable or combustible materials; fire or explosion may result. This device contains components which may ignite such material
    2. DO NOT touch this furnace on the exterior or interior surfaces during use or for a period of time after use. 
    3. DO use appropriate PPE – safety glasses or shield, high temperature gloves, long sleeved/fire-retardent clothing.
    4. DO NOT attempt servicing on your own - refer servicing to qualified personnel.
  2. Temperature limits:
    1. During continuous use (more than 3 hours) the oven temperature should remain between 100 °C (212 °F) and 1093 °C (2000 ° F). 
    2. During intermittent use (less than 3 hours) the oven temperature should remain between 100 °C (212 °F) and 1200 °C (2192 ° F)
  3. Open the door using the handle and inspect the furnace for soil or debris. Use a soft damp cloth with a mild detergent to clean out any debris or sample.
  4. Insert your samples (crucibles, foil wrapped filters etc.) into the furnace on a wire rack or hearth plate. For best results:
    1. DO NOT overload - use only the center two-thirds of the furnace chamber.
    2. Spread samples throughout the center of the furnace chamber.
    3. Keep objects away from thermocouple.
  5. Close the door.
  6. Push the green power button to the on position. The amber cycle light should light up, indicating that the elements are active.
  7. To view the setpoint, press and release the up or down buttons.
  8. If you want to change the setpoint, continue pressing until the desired set point value is displayed and then release the button.
  9. A few seconds after the button is released, the controller will accept the new value and revert to the home display.
  10. To view the display units, press the scroll button and the display will show the temperature in ⁰C/F/K, then return to the home display.
  11. Allow about 30 minutes for the furnace to reach the desired temperature, then start your timer.
  12. After the proper amount of time, turn off the power and allow the temperature to fall to a minimum of 400⁰C (572⁰C/573⁰K). Opening at high temperatures can cause eye damage from UV light, damage the muffle furnace, cause burns, or inhalation of toxic chemicals.
  13. Remove samples from the furnace using tongs and wearing heat resistant gloves. Place samples into a desiccation chamber until room temperature before weighing.

*For multiple runs it may be better to run a ‘program’. Consult the manual for more information