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Strategies for Online Class Management

Lack of response or expected activity

  • Have a process for monitoring learner input and progress so that you can intervene quickly
  • Respond quickly and clearly if work is unsatisfactory or if a learner is not meeting course requirements.
  • Regularly remind the learner as to what you expect
  • Use back up communication such as email or the telephone for persistent non-response
  • Make sure you understand the procedure for dealing with consistent non-participation. To whom should you refer the learner?

Disruptive behaviour or offence to other learners

  • Intervene quickly and supportively so that other learners know you are involved and they are being protected
  • Contact the learner privately to try and ascertain what the reason for their behaviour is. This may be best done face to face or by telephone so that they have to engage with you.
  • Keep showing support to the other learners
  • Withdraw the offending learner from the discussion forum if necessary