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Week 1: Themes/Activities

  • Open pedagogy
  • Designing for open
  • Course examples in WordPress
  • Setting up to participate (course blog, social media, video capture, etc)
  • Getting oriented to the course
  • Participate in webinar/discussion on open pedgagogy.

Week 1 activities in detail.

How to Use This Self Assessment

  • print off a copy (see the print/export options on the left menu) OR use this reference as a guide for your weekly, personal reflection.
  • reflect on the activities you engaged in during the week.
  • consider the facets of understanding and the associated rubric. Note the rubric gives details about each facet and levels of progression. You may find it helpful to reflect on some of these facets of understanding as you engage with readings, video, interactions with each other and the resources you choose to help you build your course.
  • use the rubric as a guide to give yourself a rating if you find that it's helpful to your learning. You may rate yourself on all or just a few of the 6 facets.
  • try to come up with some things you could do to move forward in your understanding related to the facets you gave yourself a rating on.

Guide for Reflection

Facet of Understanding Summary Description Self Rating * see rubric below
Explain provide thorough, supported and justifiable accounts of phenomena, facts and data.
Interpret tell meaningful stories; offer apt translations; provide a revealing historical/personal dimension to ideas and events through images, analogies or models.
Apply effectively use and adapt knowledge in diverse contexts.
Offer perspective see points of view; offer critical analysis; see big picture.
Empathize find value in what others might find implausible; perceive sensitively.
Show self knowledge perceive habits of mind that both shape and impede understanding, be aware of what is not understood and why it is hard to understand.

6 Facets of Understanding Rubric

This week's reflection...

Your Feedback on the Framework