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Affordances of Educational Technology

  • Reclaiming Innovation - Brian Lamb & Jim Groom's Educause article that explores the question "What goals and strategies should we be pursuing if we want to reclaim innovation as a positive force as higher education continues to engage with digital and networked technologies?"
  • The Future of Education: Programmed or Programmable Audrey Watters explores the future of Education and Ed-Tech: "To transform education and education technology to make it "future-facing” means we do have to address what exactly we think education should look like now and in the future. Do we want programmed instruction? Do we want teaching machines? Do we want videotaped lectures? Do we want content delivery systems? Or do we want education that is more student-centered, more networked-focused."
  • Beyond the LMS - Audrey Waters argues that education technology should move beyond the LMS model: "Ed-tech must not be about building digital walls around students and content and courses. We have, thanks to the Web, an opportunity to build connections, build networks, not walls "

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