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Assessing Your Course/Development

Stephen Downes considers a connectivist, open course to be successful of it satisfies the criteria of a successful network. See his post on this. This criteria includes: autonomy, diversity, openness, and interactivity. "The MOOC is assessed against each of these and a degree of compliance may be found". In our opening , Week 1 screencast on: Design Considerations for Open, we added four additional criteria to Stephens, we we've used and consider important. These are:

  • goals - which refers to both teaching or course goals and the learners' goals.
  • way-finding - which is about helping learners navigate through an open, networked course
  • un-coverage - which is about the process of inquiry, discussion and social learning.
  • assessment for understanding - which is about assessing our own level of understanding and various steps along the way.

Explore in a blog post/comment for Week 3:

  • How would you assess your developing course on the dimensions of autonomy, diversity, openness and interactivity? What other considerations would you include in assessing the success of your course (after it runs for the first time)?

Contributing to the Work In Progress

In week 3 or 4, we are asking you to prepare a blog post, short video or screencast about your open course, in which you may want to show how your open course development is progressing. The goal of this exercise is to share what we are learning, including successes and challenges, and benefit from the collective experience and wisdom of your co-participants in TWP15, who will provide you feedback. In your Work In Progress piece, you may want to address:

  • why did you create this as an open course?
  • what goals do you have for learners?
  • what design decisions have you made so far and how do they support your goals and your understanding of principles of effective design for open courses?
  • what is the most challenging aspect of course design/development so far?
  • what aspect would you like feedback on from the participants of TWP15?

When you have prepared something, please post to the W.I.P. section of the site, using the form on this page.