Documentation:Standard Operating Procedures for Tecan Spark 10M multimode microplate reader

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Tecan Spark 10M
  1. Please obtain proper training from the FNH teaching lab technician Imelda Cheung ( prior to using the Tecan Spark 10 M spectrophotometer.
  2. Turn on the computer and the Tecan Spark 10M by pressing the power button.
  3. On the login screen, choose to login using your CWL via EAD domain.
  4. On your very first login, go to the main menu and find the program Tecan and pin it to the task bar. From then on, you will just have to click on the Spark icon on the task bar to open the Tecan Spark Control dashboard.
  5. Click on the Spark icon to open the Tecan Spark Control dashboard.
    Some previously set method will appear on the dashboard for ease of access.
  6. Click on “Method Editor NEW” to create a method suitable for your experiment.
  7. Microplate method
    • Choose the specific type of plate you are using from the drop down menu. If you can’t find the exact type, you can choose one that is closest or consult with the FNH technician on how to add a plate.
    • Select the read area by highlighting the wells. Note: It is recommended that you highlight all wells when setting up the program so when you access the quick start method later you can customize it each time.
    • Select Action – for example, Move Plate in and out, User intervention, Shaking, etc. Just drag and drop into the method in appropriate sequence.
    • Select a detection method by drag and drop and set the appropriate parameters necessary for your experiment.
    • Absorbance
    • 200 – 1000 nm
    • Fluorescence
    • Excitation wavelength (nm): 280, 340, 380, 430, 485, 560
    • Emission wavelength (nm): 320, 360, 400, 465, 530, 590
    • When your method setup is complete, click Save and put a descriptive title for your method then click Save. Your method should now appear on the dashboard.
    • To begin your method, click Start, the method will begin as you have set it.
    It is recommended to include move plate out as a first step and a last step to your method so you will not leave your plate in the instrument.
    • After running the method, the results will be automatically exported to Excel. You can save the file to an appropriate location.
    Files on the computer will be routinely deleted to maintain sufficient space so please save your data on a USB.
  8. Cuvette Method
    • Go to the top right corner of the method editor, click “Select App” then choose “Cuvette.”
    • The screen will show up such that you can select wavelength.
    The location of the cuvette port is on the top left side of the Tecan.
    • Click blanking and follow as instructed from the program. First, leave the slot empty, then place the blank solution in and you are ready to go.
    • Place your sample in the cuvette slot and click start to read.
  9. After using the Tecan Spark 10M spectrophotometer, sign off the computer and turn off the instrument by pressing the power button and holding for 5 seconds.
  10. Sign the log book.
To reserve a time to utilize the Tecan spectrophotometer, please visit