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SevenCompact™ S220 Quick-Start Guide

Switching the Instrument On/Off and Changing the Mode:

1.      Press and release “On (off)” button to switch on

The Seven Compact pH probe and meter.

2.      To switch the unit off press and hold the “On (off)” button for two seconds and release to switch off.

3.      Pressing the “Mode” button changes the mode between: pH, mV, rel. mV, and ion.

Performing a pH Calibration:

1.      Turn the unit on and set the mode to “pH”.

2.      Insert electrode into first pH buffer.

3.      Press “Cal”. Blinking “A” = measuring.

4.      If needed, change pH buffer group using “Bottle” icon.

5.      Obtain a stable value

6.      Insert electrode into second pH buffer

7.      Press “Cal” and obtain a stable value.

8.      Press “END” to end calibration or repeat the last steps for a multi-point calibration.

9.      Obtain the calibration result

10.  Press “SAVE” to save calibration.

Switch the Display View:

1.      The default display will show all information.

2.      To engage uFocus™ display mode press and hold the “Read” button for three seconds.

3.      To switch back to the default display press and hold the “Read” button for three seconds.

Performing a Measurement:

1.      Insert the electrode into the sample.

2.      Press “Read”. Blinking “A” = measuring.

3.      Obtain a stable value.

4.      The endpoint type can be set to automatic, manual, or timed in the menu settings.

Storing Measurement Data:

1.      Press the “Store” button.

2.      The storage number will be incremented

Note: automatic storage to memory can be switched on in the setup menu

Accessing Menu Settings:

1.      Press the “Menu” button and press “ENTER” to enter the menu settings.