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Uses and Benefits

Academic Uses

  • Assist students in recalling important terms for your course, such as acronyms, chemical compounds and medical ailments
  • Help students improve their foreign language vocabulary using activities like the flash cards
  • Potentially increase student engagement with alternative ways of presenting course content
  • Open avenues for peer to peer learning with competitive games


  • Create Flash-based activities and games using an “offline” Windows interface
  • Four templates let you create ten activities and games
  • Insert graphics such as gif, jpeg, bmp, png, and pcx
  • Embed audio files such as mp3 or wav
  • Convert oversized graphics to a suitable size with one click
  • Create algorithmic questions using the “Calculated” template

Preview, Publish and Settings

  • Select from six language interfaces for activities (Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, and Spanish)
  • Choose settings that meet your accessibility objectives
  • Preview activities and games before generating the Flash object
  • Select only the activities and games wanted for the final Flash object