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The Challenge format is similar to the game show Jeopardy where questions are assigned values and arranged according to the categories of your choice. Instructors can set the difficulty of each question and students can freely choose which question they want to answer. It is only available for multiple choice questions.



You can make crossword puzzles with a series of one-answer questions. Answers can have a maximum of 180 characters.


Fact Cards and Fact Cards Plus

Fact Cards is a study tool that helps students remember different facts and factoids for your course. Students can go through them one by one or randomly shuffle through the set.

Fact Cards Plus has an additional feature where students can choose which category of questions they want help with.


Fill in the Blank

Create short answer questions where students can fill in the response field with the correct answer.

Respondus StudyMate Fill-in-the-Blank.png

Flash Cards

Ask questions using flash cards where students can flip the cards in order to see the correct answer. Students can also choose to show the answers first to help them learn what specific terms are about.



Create a glossary of important terms and factoids students need to learn before your exam. Words are arranged alphabetically based on the first letter of the term.



Students will match a series of questions with a list of correct responses. Each set will ask 6 questions and students have to choose from 9 potential answers.

Respondus StudyMate Matching.png

Pick A Letter

Similar to the game of Hangman, students will respond to questions by choosing the letters that spell the correct answer.



Create quizzes from multiple choice or calculated questions.