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Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS)

While we can help you with the nuts and bolts of how to format your thesis using Word, it is important to remember that the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Studies has the ultimate say in whether or not your thesis conforms to the thesis specifications. Current formatting specifications are covered in detail on the G+PS Formatting Requirements page.

Other essential thesis topics covered on the G+PS Dissertation and Thesis Preparation page include

Writing Centre

The UBC Writing Centre can help you with thesis writing in a number of ways.


The UBC Copyright Office can assist you in clarifying whether you need permission for materials from other sources (images, graphs, figures, etc.) which you're including in your thesis; they can also help you in obtaining that permission if necessary. Their comprehensive thesis and dissertation copyright guide is a good place to start looking for answers to your questions.


UBC has two research ethics offices which can help you: the Office of Research Ethics, if your work involves humans, and the Office of Research Services, if your work involves non-human subjects. If you have any questions about whether your research needs ethical approval, please contact the appropriate office as early as possible in your research process. If you're unsure, complete the checklist available through G+PS.

cIRcle (UBC's Institutional Repository)

Your final thesis submission will be handled through cIRcle, once you've submitted all of your final forms to G+PS and have received authorization to upload your thesis via e-mail.

Graduate Pathways to Success

GPS offers a number of workshops to help you through the thesis-research and thesis-writing processes, as well as various other aspects of grad school. As well, if you're interested in forming a thesis support group, they have resources which you may find helpful.

UBC Library

UBC Library Guide for Graduate Students : Guide to library services and research support available to graduate students.