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Introducing the first FIRE Talk!!

The first UBC Research Commons FIRE Talk is entirely about YOU and YOUR RESEARCH! We want to explore ways to communicate your research beyond boundaries!

When: 3 October 2012 from 4pm to 6pm
Where: Koerner Library, Room 216
Submission Deadline: 24 September 2012

Our deadline for submission has been extended! We'll be accepting Submissions until Friday 28 September 2012

Who Should Attend

Anybody and everybody!

In addition, if you answer 'yes' or 'maybe' to any of the following questions, you might find the first FIRE Talk particularly interesting!

  • Do you want other people to care about your research - regardless of what discipline or culture they're from?
  • Do you want your research to make a difference beyond the boundaries of your department, faculty or UBC?
  • Do you want to collaborate or brainstorm with other graduate students?
  • Are you interested in helping to develop a series of discussions aimed at graduate student collaboration, presentation and discussion?
  • Do you have experiences, fears or hopes relating to communicating research to other disciplines, cultures or professions?

About the Topic

The word ‘Interdisciplinary’ appears everywhere on campus: interdisciplinary research; interdisciplinary discussions; interdisciplinary lecture series; there are even interdisciplinary faculties, graduate programs and first year classes. Despite the preponderance of interdisciplinarity at UBC, many of us are still bound by disciplinary conventions. How do we communicate and collaborate beyond the cultural and disciplinary boundaries that are so essential to defining our work? How do we exploit the vast wealth of knowledge available to us from disciplines and cultures beyond our own? What are some of the benefits and challenges of working across disciplines and cultures?

Invitation to Submit

FIRE Talks invites you to submit your stories, reflections, fears and hopes relating to the art of communicating your research to academic and non-academic audiences beyond your own discipline. Submissions can be a brief anecdote, a description of a future concern, or even a specific (or non-specific) example related to this topic. Submissions can be informal, can take any format and should have a maximum presentation time of 5 minutes (and no minimum). All disciplines, sub-disciplines and non-disciplines are welcome!

Submit your ideas, thoughts and anecdotes to: by the 24th of September

Note: You DO NOT have to submit in order to attend!