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Sustainable Planet

Sustainable Planet

WHAT: Sustainability is one of the pillars of UBC's strategic plan. How does that commitment play out in your academic life? How has concern for a healthy environment directed your research or prompted you to change your behaviour? What research or strategies in your discipline contribute to a Sustainable Planet?

Spark your thinking: Consider social sustainability, health and well-being, engineering, green building design, waste reduction, policy, education, farming, genetically modified organisms, climate change, stormwater management, alternative energy, carbon-neutral practices

WHEN: Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 4-6pm

WHERE: Koerner Library, Room 216

Want to participate?

ATTEND: Any graduate student can attend a FIREtalk! You do not need to submit a presentation to attend a FIREtalk and participate in the discussions. Register in advance, or simply show up!


  • Social capital perspective towards social sustainability - Marcelo Bravo (Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program)
  • Human greed and sustainability - Amin Nouri (Chemical Engineering)
  • Partnerships for a Sustainable Planet - Mehdi Piltan (Industrial Engineering Group)
  • The Plight of the (Honey) Bee - Amanda Van Haga (Genome Science and Technology)


From Marcelo Bravo:

From Amin Nouri:

From Amanda Van Haga:

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