Documentation:Peer Review of Teaching/UBC PRT Leaders Training

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Capacity building for summative PRT

During 2010-11, a program was initiated to train nominated representatives from each Faculty in the principles and practice of the summative peer review of teaching process.

UBC leadership team for capacity building in summative PRT

  • Dr. Harry Hubball, Faculty of Education
  • Dr. Dan Pratt, Professor, Department of Educational Studies
  • Dr. Anthony Clarke, Professor, Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Fran Watters, Director, Faculty Relations

Initial (2010-11) UBC Peer Review of Teaching Leaders

  • Professor Eric Hall (Applied Sciences),
  • Professor Claire Young (Law),
  • Professor David Fielding (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences),
  • Professor Anthony Clarke (Education),
  • Dr Simon Ellis (Forestry),
  • Professor Louise Nasmith (College of Health Disciplines),
  • Dr. Eli Whitney (Dentistry),
  • Dr. Ken Baimbridge (Medicine),
  • Professor Richard Price (Arts),
  • Professor Eunice Li-Chan (LFS),
  • Dr. Nora Angeles (College for Interdisciplinary Studies),
  • Professor Barbara Evans (Graduate Studies),
  • Professor Dan Skarlicki (Sauder School of Business)
  • Dr. Ian Cavers (Science)

Documentation and material from capacity building workshops

The UBC Peer Review of Teaching Initiative: Building on Faculty-specific Practices materials can be accessed below.

Support for formative PRT

The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) has well-established programs and events designed to foster the formative aspects of peer review of teaching.