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Why we came together

Sometime in early 2015, a few of us came together to discuss the re-visioning of this website to move beyond project showcase (which it was then) to a set of resources that could help students and faculty learn about open practice and how to engage with it (what it is now). In the fall of 2015, we assembled a team of people to tackle the job of curating the resources we had (or knew about) and developing new ones. We did this (mostly) in a series of OER sprints throughout the year. These were late afternoon/evening working sessions where we came together to develop the site over a meal.

We have more to do in connecting with our UBC partners on other campuses and ongoing interviews with our own faculty to learn from them about:

  • why they've adopted open practices
  • what sorts of things they are doing
  • what's working
  • what needs work

The resources will evolve as we continue to learn more about what our faculty and students need in order to be successful in their learning and teaching in the open.