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Uses and Benefits

The motivations and benefits of joining the worldwide movement of open educators involve both high-minded and more practical concerns.

Why reuse open educational resources?

  • Open educational resources may lessen the costs to institutions, instructors, and students associated with licensed materials.
  • Utilizing existing resources can free up instructors from some largely redundant tasks, allowing them to focus on other elements of the teaching process.
  • Most open educational resources can be revised or remixed to be specifically tailored to individual learning challenges.

Why share educational resources?

  • Sharing materials online can connect coursework with a dynamic global community of educators, often resulting in collaborations and informal peer review.
  • Sharing materials enhances the profile of the individuals and institutions that make them available.
  • Producing materials in open platforms such as blogs and wikis can result in a more efficient development process.
  • Shared materials may benefit others, offering help to those who may need it and resulting in a richer and more enlightened public discourse.