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Open Scholarship Intro Session 

File:POSE Presentation Template.pptx

Link for slides on google slides (allows edit access)

Session Structure

  1. The session will be recorded and shared with participants
  2. Ask participants to complete homework prior to the session
  3. Develop World Cafe style style interaction with breakout rooms facilitated by POSE facilitators
    • Develop a list of topics and questions to assist facilitators


  • Administrative structure of the breakout rooms
  • Welcome section and welcome activity
  • Defining Open Access
  • Breakout room topics and questions
  • Copyright section
  • Defining Open Education
  • Defining Open Research
  • Overview of open scholarship

Session Description & Timing

Session August 19, 1-2:30 pm (90 minutes)

Session 1: Pre-Work

Timing Topics & Coverage Facilitator Activity
Pre-Activity - Sent Out 5 days before
  1. Survey where participants share who they are and what pathway they will be completing
  2. Padlet activity: Participant share who they are and an image, gif or meme showing what open means for them
5 min Welcome:

- Overall welcome to the session

- Housekeeping, communication in session,

- Territorial awknowledgement

5 min Overview of Open Scholarship Christina
10 min Introduction Activity

-Map activity: Where are you located today?

- Showresults of pre-activity

- Facilitators introduce themselves

- Participants are broken out into groups of 3. In their groups introduce each other and work together to find one shared goal

- Share the goals in the larger group

10 min Introduction to POSE and the Pathways

Goals of the program


How to complete a pathway

Tracking completion

Course communication

Backchannel communication

Synchronous session

5 min Defining Open Education Will
5 min Defining Open Access Erin
5 min Defining Open Research Eka
25 min Copyright

Suggested topics - Public Domain, Authorship vs ownership, Originality, fixation and nationality/place of publication, Fair Dealing/Exceptions, Work for Hire and IP, Challenges of Copyright and Transitioning Online

10 min Breakout: Participants are broken up into groups of 4 based on the pathway they have selected. In their small groups they introduce each other and they share why they have selected this pathway and a project or area they want to work on during the completion of the program. Lucas
10 min Sharing / Questions


Open Hour - End for Pathway Questions

  • Erin
  • Christina (30 mins)
  • Sarah
  • Eka
  • Lucas