Documentation:MediaWiki Basics/Tips

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  • Establish ground rules: This involves agreeing on how the group will work together. Have an introduction/instruction page on your wiki (communicate your expectations with your students regarding their participation in wiki. How will you make sure that everybody participates equally? Do you want them to send you the final report? Do you expect them to put their names or initials next to their ideas? Do you have some rules/resources for group activities? What are the rules for dealing with a member who has not been active for a certain period of time?)
  • Time management/planning: Encourage group members to plan a group schedule and then agree/commit to a plan.
  • Provide guidelines or examples on how to work in groups or divide tasks/roles
  • Identify roles and tasks: Encourage students to plan the process and first identify roles and tasks. Discuss with students the importance of respecting each other's ideas and comments. Ask students to put their initials (or first name with initial for last name) next to their ideas/input (if you would like to see who added what).
  • Be familiar and comfortable with the wiki: Make sure you and your students are familiar with wiki and its features before starting an activity in a wiki.
  • Provide technical support and contact information


  • Create a page in the Sandbox area to have your own space to practice and experiment.
  • Changes are never permanent. Compare and review the page history.
  • Take advantage of the watchlists feature to keep track of the pages you are working.