Documentation:MediaWiki Basics/Add a Page to Your Watchlist (How to)

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For more information about the Watchlist, please visit Help:Watchlists.

How to Add a Page to Your Watchlist

  • Click on the CWL Login button at the left-hand sidebar
    Use your CWL to login to the UBC Wiki.
  • Go to the wiki page you want to keep track of
  • Click on the Star button, beside the Search box
    Click the Star to add a page to your watchlist.
  • On the left-hand sidebar, under Personal Tools, click on My Watchlist
    To view your watchlist, click on My Watchlist under Personal Tools.
  • Click View and Edit Watchlist at the top of the page
    See your complete list by click View and Edit Watchlist.
  • Check if the page you added is there
    Here is an example of a Watchlist.