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The following procedures outline procedures for reviewing and confirming embargoed theses in cIRcle.


Embargoed Thesis Checklist

Ensure the full text of the abstract is included in the submission.
Approve the thesis to be archived in cIRcle.
Check the boilerplate text is in place by logging out and viewing the item.
Confirm the embargo.


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Submission Overview

Complete instructions are available on the cIRcle website for Uploading and Electronic Thesis or Dissertation page.

Ensure abstract added

[your item: Embargoed thesis]

Add abstract

Submitters must include the full text of the thesis abstract as it appears in their approved thesis.

Describe Item 1: Embargoed thesis

Confirm abstract added

G+PS staff confirm that student submitters have included the full text of the abstract as it appears in their approved thesis in their submission. If students have not included the abstract G+PS reject the item. Only embargoed thesis with full abstracts included should be approved.

Editor Step 1 Review: Confirm abstract included