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Welcome to the Learning Platform Resource Wiki.

Add a New Pedagogy Page

Contribute to the Learning Platforms Resource Wiki in four easy steps. To add your information to the knowledge base:

  1. Add your topic title in the box below and click on the create button. Include spaces between words in your title.
  2. The Resource Page Template will be pre-loaded. Hit save.
  3. On the following page, add the content from your paper. Help on editing the wiki can be found here.
  4. Be sure to hit save. Please note, any content added to the knowledge base will be shared under the cc-by-nc license used for the course.
Enter Pedagogy Topic

Formatting Guide

  • In this documentation, multiple subpages are created for each section of content and subpages are transcluded in one page. For example, pedagogy page aggreagates multiple subpages into one page. (See the screenshot below)
Learning platform transclusion.png
  • When you create a subpage, add a second level heading to the top of the page(see the screenshot below). This will be useful later on because it will be easier for contributors to edit the trancluded section of the page.