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Kerman 16 Languages

Title of Publication/Source

Kerman xvi. Languages.


Habib Borjian.

Document Type

Journal Article.

Year of Publication



Encyclopædia Iranica.

Language of Publication


Mode of Access

In-print and Online. Available through the Encyclopædia Iranica website.


This paper primarily investigates Garmsiri, another Indigenous language that is spoken in Kerman, Iran. However, this paper also draws comparisons between Kerman Garmsiri and Larestani; due to the classficiation of the former as Baškardi and prior research by Skjærvo that looked at Larestani, Baškardi and Kumzari alongside each other as southwestern Iranian languages.

Full Citation

Borjian, Habib. “KERMAN xvi. LANGUAGES,” Encyclopædia Iranica, XVI/3, 2016. Revised. Costa Mesa, California. 2017. pp. 301-315, available online at