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Welcome to the wiki for Koerner Library Services Referral. This wiki is a space for Koerner Library staff to share and contribute knowledge regarding referral to our many services.
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Service Name Reference
What Librarians, Senior Library Assistants and M&P (and SLAIS Students)
Services Provided Help with finding and using information, including which tools are appropriate, choosing search terms, using advanced features in databases, etc.
Website Koerner Library Research Help
Level 2 Desk's Quick Lookup List HSS Google Drive Account (password required)
Whom to Refer To Refer reference questions to the on-call librarian at 604.369.6125.
If On-Call Librarian is not Available During reference hours, refer to Research Commons Desk.

Evenings and weekends, refer questions to AskAway. (Homepage --> Ask an Expert --> AskAway) Also consider directing the user to Research Guidesand/or Finding Resources

Location Koerner Library, Level 2
Hours of Service Reference Hours
Keywords and Phrases Users often ask simple questions (Where is . . . Where can I . . . How do I get . . .) when they really mean "How can I find books on my topic?" or "Which database is the best one to use to search for [something]?"
Questions to Ask Users Could you tell me which course this is for?

Could you tell me what you've tried so far?

Have you already found a call number?

Sample Questions:
Where are the Sociology books?

Do you have a call number already? Do you have a particular book in mind? Have you tried a search already? Is there some aspect of Sociology that you’re particularly interested in? Or would you just like to browse the shelves. We have a lot of books on this topic, in print and in full text online.

I need help with APA/MLA/Chicago style. Have you looked at the handouts (in print on the publication stand)?

Have you looked in the guides themselves? APA (print only), MLA (print only), Chicago/Turabian (print and online).

Have you looked at other resources listed on the How to Cite page for each style?

Are you looking for information and training on citation management tools like Zotero, Mendeley and Refworks? If so, direct the user to the Research Commons website or training schedule.

How can I get this article?

Have you tried already? No? Ok . . . Enter title, “in quotation marks” into search box in Summon → article.

If Summon search doesn’t work, try “books and more” search, by JOURNAL TITLE and drill down to the article.

If that doesn’t work, refer to the on-call librarian at 604.369.6125.

Where I can place an interlibrary loan?

Confirm that we don’t have the item. Confirm that the item isn’t freely available on the web. Offer to call the librarian. "S/he may be able to find you something else - a different edition, a different resource with the same information . . ."

If user wants a particular resource and nothing else will do, refer to ILL form: Homepage → Use The Library → Borrowing Services » Borrowing from non-UBC Libraries – InterLibrary Loan (ILL) Explain barcode/PIN (If the user can't remember his/her PIN, direct him/her to the "Forgot your PIN?" link on the ILL page.

Advise how long an ILL takes to be filled.

I have a question about theses. "Are you looking for a thesis?" Refer to on-call librarian.

"Do you need help formatting your thesis?" Refer user to Research Commons Thesis Formatting for general info and link to workshop schedule. Online booking form for individual consultations coming soon.

I’m looking for books in Arabic, and also Farsi. Refer to on-call librarian librarian at 604.369.6125.

Asian Library has books in the following languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Punjabi, Hindi, Indonesian, Thai, Sanskrit, and a few other Indic languages. Koerner has translating dictionaries, e.g. English - Chinese, English - Japanese, etc.

Law Library: books about law in Asian Languages

All other languages: Koerner

I’m looking for information about how people cope with chronic illness. For my project, I’ve chosen diabetes. Refer to on-call librarian at 604.369.6125.

Even though this question sounds like medicine, could also be health psychology, medical anthropology, public health, health policy or . . .

Don't refer to directly to Woodward!

Is this journal article peer-reviewed? Refer to the on-call librarian at 604.369.6125.

There are tools to determine whether a journal is peer-reviewed, but not everything published in these journals is a peer-reviewed article: there are book reviews, editorials, letters, notes, announcements, etc.

Thanks for helping me find that journal article! Now can you tell me how to find more articles on the same topic? Refer to the on-call librarian at 604.369.6125.
Thanks for helping me find that book! Now can you tell me how to find more books on the same topic? Show user how to follow subject heading links and refer to the on-call librarian at 604.369.6125.
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