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Welcome to the wiki for Koerner Library Services Referral. This wiki is a space for Koerner Library staff to share and contribute knowledge regarding referral to our many services.
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GIS Services (Geographic Information Systems)

Description Geographic Information Systems are computer programs for organizing, manipulating, analyzing, and mapping geospatial data. Geospatial data are datasets that have a geographic component, such as latitude and longitude coordinates.
Services Provided The GIS Librarian can assist with:
  • locating and acquiring geospatial data
  • incorporating data into research projects, including format conversion
  • learning GIS software and analysis techniques
General Contact Info none
Whom to Refer To Tom Brittnacher
Koerner Library 218E
If Tom is not Available Paul Lesack
Location Koerner Library, Level 2
Hours of Service Librarian available by appointment. Lab hours are the same as Koerner Library building hours:
Keywords and Phrases GIS, create a map, digital or electronic maps
Sample Questions Are there any digital maps or data for a particular area?
Software Available ArcGIS software is available in the following locations:
  • Koerner Library Room 217
  • Data/GIS Lab (Room 218A) (requires application to access - see below)
Data/GIS Lab
Large Format Printer Located in the Data/GIS Lab
  • Only operated by library staff
Tom Brittnacher (7-4450)
Tim Ross (2-6191)
Paul Lesack (2-5587)
  • We can only copy maps that are not copyright protected and are to be used for academic purposes.
  • The number of maps to be copied is at the discretion of library staff.
Links Lists of websites with links to download free GIS data: