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Sharing videos with other faculty members (Faculty Repository)

Add a video from My Media to the Faculty Repository

  • Go to My Media and select the video;
  • Under the video, click ‘Contribute to Faculty Repository’ button.
  • Enter the appropriate data, such as Category and Metadata fields. To publish to Faculty Repository, user must select a Category in the Faculty Repository. This does not limit viewing of the video to these Faculties only: it is only used for searching for the video.

Add a video from Faculty Repository to a Course Gallery

  • Go to the ‘Faculty Repository’
  • Select the video
  • Click the ‘Add to Course Gallery’ button under the video, select the desired course from the drop-down menu and click OK.

Is it possible to share a video only with the members of a specific Faculty (not with all faculties of UBC)?

Videos added to the Faculty Repository are accessible to all the faculty members of UBC who use Connect.

Common issues in using Faculty Repository

Issue with video search in Faculty Repository

Search in a category of videos does not show the content assigned to its sub-categories. The user has to select the appropriate level to find the video. For example, if the category shows as follows:

  • Arts
  • English
  • Journalism

And if the user who published the video to the Faculty Repository selected ‘English’, then when searching for the video, the user will not find it if they select ‘Arts’. They will only find it if they select ‘English’. This is a known issue with the Category Search. As a work-around, users are encouraged to select all of the required levels when searching for videos in the Faculty Repository. For example, select both Arts and English in the above example.

Issue with video search in Faculty Repository