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Managing my videos in Connect (My Media)

Upload a video to My Media

  • Go to My Media;
  • Click ‘upload a video or record from webcam’ (top left side of the screen), click the ‘Upload’ button, the select your video and click ‘Upload’;
  • Check the appropriate copyright option and click ‘OK’;
  • Once the video has finished uploading, click ‘Next’ and fill in the Title, Tags, and Description.
  • Click ‘Next’ and wait for the video to

be transcoded. The video will be available in ‘My Media’.

Fill in the metadata information for a video


  • Use “sentence case” – only uppercase the first letter of the title, proper names (people, places) and acronyms.
  • Drop initial articles like “A” and “The”.
  • Separate a sub-title from the title proper with a colon (:)


  • If possible save this tag for subject keywords only
  • Separate the words or phrases with a comma.


  • Include items such as the date or the affiliation of the video creator/uploader.
  • This may also be used for an abstract or brief summary of a resource, a table of contents, etc. It can also been used to record notes about the resource.

Allow other users to Share and/or download a video

User has the possibility to allow other users to Share and/or download a video at the first time when the video is uploaded into the system:

  • Upload/record your desired video
  • Check the relevant copyright option
  • Under the copyright options, there is a section called “Share and download permission”. This section has two options:
  • Allow other users to share this media
  • Allow others users to download the media
  • Check the desired option and click OK.

If you check “Allow other users to share this media”, a share button will appear on the player of your video allowing the students and the instructors registered in your course to share the link of the video or embed it on any web page. If you check “Allow others users to download the media”, a download button will appear on the player of your video allowing the students and the instructors registered in your course to download the video. If you leave both options unchecked, no one will be able to share or download your video. Note that your copyright and “Share and download permission” choices will be permanently applied to your video. You will not be able to modify them later. The only way to change them will be to delete your video and upload it again in order to be able to choose different options.

Can I upload and share audio files in Kaltura in Connect?

Yes, Kaltura in Connect supports all common media file formats for audio. To do this, the user would select ‘upload video or record from webcam’, and select the ‘Audio’ tab.

Record a video via a webcam

  • Go to My Media.
  • Click ‘Upload media or record from webcam’ grey button on the top left side of the screen
  • Select the ‘Webcam’ tab
  • Select your webcam from the drop-down menu.
  • ‘Adobe Flash Player settings’ small window opens. Click the ‘Allow’ button (note that in some browsers, this button might get temporarily stuck and you might need to click multiple times on this button before it works).
  • The preview opens. Click ‘Record’.
  • You’ll be directed to the copyright selection window. Choose the copyright that applies to you and click OK.
  • The recording starts at this point. Click stop when you finished your presentation/talk. Note that if you click Record and Stop multiple times, the system will record and store only the last video that you recorded.
  • Click ‘Next’. Fill in the Name, Description and Tags fields and click ‘Next’ again. Your video is added to My Media.

Update video metadata

  • Go to My Media and select the video;
  • Under the video, click Edit Name/Description/Tags.

Duplicate a portion or the full length of a video (create a clip)

It is possible to duplicate a portion or the full length of a video as follows:

  • In my Media, select the desired video.
  • Under the video, click the ‘Create Clip’ button.
  • Slide the start and/or the end point of the grey strip under the video to select the desired portion of the video. If you need a full clip of the video, skip this step.
  • Change the metadata if desired.
  • Click the ‘Save’ button. This will add your new clip to My Media. Note that it may take a few minutes for the clip to be added to My Media.

If you need to have multiple portions of a video but not the whole video, you can make multiple clips (videos) from different portions of the video, reference them with proper metadata and sort them in My Media or in Faculty Repository.

Common issues in using My Media

Video is not playing. I get the message “Entry is converting. Entry is processing...” on the video player.

The video has just been uploaded and is transcoding. Please wait a few minutes and try again. The transcoding time depends on the size of the video. It usually takes the same time or 1.5 time of the length of the video.

Video quality decreases after it is uploaded into Kaltura

In order to make videos viewable on the internet, Kaltura transcodes your videos as soon as they are uploaded. A transcode is made from taking a video and converting it into one or more newly and more compressed streams that can be played on different devices (computer, iPad, mobile phone…) on the internet.

Kaltura in Connect converts all videos to 1, 2 or 3 UBC standard video formats, depending on your source quality:

  • SD/small (640xauto @ 964 kbps)
  • SD/Large (1024xauto @ 1628 kbps)
  • HD/Small (autox720 @ 2628 kbps)

If your video does not meet the bitrate of a format, it will not get converted to that format and will be downgraded to match the lower available format. It is even recommended that the bitrate of your source video exceeds the bitrate requirement of a format so you can make sure that it will qualify for conversion to that format. If your video is a screencast, it is important that you use specific settings in your screencast recording software in order to export HD quality (at least 1280x720 @ 2628 kbps) and then upload it to Kaltura. If your video is coming from a camera or video creation software, make sure the software that you are using to capture/edit the video will export a high quality video (at least 1028x720 @ 2628 kbps).

Unable to record video via webcam

Make sure user’s webcam is connected and functioning. Note that Kaltura webcam recording widget streams the recordings directly to Kaltura so the connection the person has to the network has to be at least about 700kbits to be able to record.

I clicked on ‘Upload media or record from webcam’ but record/upload window doesn’t open correctly.

After clicking ‘Upload media or record from webcam’ button in My Media, user may receive a black page with only a triangle in the middle (the frame of the record/upload window). To resolve this issue, user should clean the cache of the browser, restart the browser and try again.

When recording from a webcam, in Adobe Flash Player Setting window, the 'Allow' button doesn’t work.

It’s a problem related to Flash Plugin. Keep clicking the ‘Allow’ button until it functions. It may require up to 10 clicks.

Issue with recording via webcam – extra duration

When recording a video from Webcam, it sometimes adds extra ‘Duration’. When you play back the video, it plays a frozen video for that time, and then it starts to play the video. The project team is working with Kaltura to resolve this issue.