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This lesson plan uses the ISW BOPPPS model as a lesson planning framework.

This face-to-face lesson requires:

  1. prior knowledge of the core elements of an effective learning objective
  2. participant generated learning objective(s) for peer-evaluation and -revision

F2F Component

Prep and Materials

  • Pre-assigned group to maximize diversity
  • Print out participant responses, divide LO's from each participant in accordance to their pre-assigned groups (into envelops)


Time: 5 min (5:00)
What advantages might framing LO as learner-centred/instructor-centred?

Thinking back to our online module, what are the three key elements of an effective LO?

Learning Objectives

Time: 1 min (6:00)
By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  1. Evaluate and revise LOs in accordance to the three elements of an effective LO
  2. Distinguish between the three domains of learning

Evaluate & Revise

Time: 15 min (21:00)
Divide participants into predetermined groups. Give each group an envelop of LO's from a different group.

You have received LO's that were generated by your peers in our online module. Please review each LO to identify all three elements of an effective LO. Discuss with your group members to provide constructive suggestions to make the LO's more effective and clear in communicating expectation to the learners.

Please write legibly, as your thoughts and contributions will be returned to their original authors as feedback.


Time: 8 min (29:00)
Considered three domains: cognitive, affective, psychomotor
What will they KNOW, what will they FEEL or VALUE, what will they be able to DO?

In your groups, categorize the LOs into cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains.

Debrief: From your personal experience, how do you feel that these three domains are represented in your own area of study? Are they equally represented? If not, which domain is most/least represented? Why do you think that occurs? Are there disciplines that would have a different weighting or a more equal representation of all three domains?


Time: 1 min (30:00)

There is a lot more information on learning objectives in your ISW manual. We encourage you to use and experiment with learning objectives in your mini-lessons and see what they do to/for you and your learners.

Module Credits

This module has been designed by the Graduate Student Facilitators at the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) at UBC- Vancouver