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Workshop Agendas (shared with participants)

Sample Agenda (May 2017)

  • Introductions, Agenda, and Ice-breaker
  • Pre-survey Summary and Workshop Agreements
  • Exploring Motivations, Goals, and Learner Outcomes
  • Classroom Climate and Situating Yourself
  • Paddling Together: Exploring “Indigenization” and Your Questions (guest facilitator Dianne Biin)
  • Playtime! Resources “Jigsaw”
  • Wrap-Up, Closing, Feedback

Exploring Indigenous Perspectives in Teaching Practice and Learning Design (Fall 2017)

October 3rd, Motivation and Context

  • Introductions, agenda, territory acknowledgement
  • Ice-breaker: Where are you from?
  • Community agreements
  • "When will we be ready?": Motivation and context activity
  • Exploring learning resources (*note* this activity is blended, pre-work required)
  • What's next? "Big Ideas," positionality and place
  • Wrap-up and formative Feedback

November 14th, Positionality and Place

  • Introductions, agenda, and territory acknowledgement
  • Icebreaker (“When Will We Be Ready”?)
  • Shifting the centre of your course: synthesizing “The Big Idea” with “Motivation & Context”
  • Positionality and place – Classroom Climate
  • Next actions and goal-setting: flash interviews activity
  • Looking ahead - "Design Lab"
  • Wrap-up, closing, and formative feedback

December 11th, Design Lab

  • Agenda to come

Lesson Plans and Workshop Resources (facilitators only)

Googledoc links


Explore Resources Activity

Jigsaw set-up

Total time: 75 mins

  • (5 mins) Instructions
  • (35 mins) Explore Round 1
  • (5 mins) Regroup for Round 2
  • (25 mins) Share back in Round 2 group (20 mins)
  1. What is the resource and what is its theme?
  2. How can you envision using this in a course?
  3. What else might you need in order to use this resource?
  • (10 mins) Large group debrief

Activity Resources

Online/Blended Content