Documentation:Hybrid Teaching Report 2021

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The VP Academic Office provided funding for piloting hybrid courses in the summer of 2021, where "a hybrid course was defined as one where a portion of the students attend in-person for some/all of the learning activities, while the remainder are remote." The link below is to an evaluation report produced by the CTLT Research and Evaluation Team in the fall of 2021, discussing five course pilots from the previous summer, with differing hybrid approaches. The report also includes several recommendations for teaching and learning in these kinds of formats.

A longer version of the report with more details can be found on the Institute for the Scholarship of Teaching and learning website.

As of 2022, the terminology at UBC has changed, with new definitions of in-person, online, hybrid, and multi-access courses. Some of the courses in the report may fall under different categories than "hybrid" under that nomenclature.