Documentation:Guide to Teaching for New Faculty at UBC/Resource 11: Classroom Services

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Classroom Services oversees scheduling and maintenance for all UBC classrooms. Your classroom for a given course is assigned by Classroom Services. A scheduling secretary in your departmental office works with Classroom Services to schedule all the courses.

You should visit your assigned classroom before the course starts and familiarize yourself with the layout and technology. Most buildings and classrooms have a dedicated classroom technician who can provide orientation, training, and ongoing support. Ensure that you have the Classroom Services trouble desk phone number handy, so you can call them if you are having difficulties in the classroom (the phone number is posted in each classroom). You can find out more about your assigned classroom at Here you can find a listing of classrooms and the equipment they have available.

Most of the larger classrooms have overhead projectors, LCD projectors, a sound system, a DVD player, and sometimes document cameras. The technology is normally controlled by a touchpad system that allows you to:

  • Raise/lower projection screens
  • Turn LCD projectors on/off
  • Adjust sound system controls
  • Switch projector inputs – podium PC/laptop/DVD player/document camera

If you have any difficulties you can contact the AV Help Desk at 822-7956 or