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  1. Do not raise the sash above the indicated height on the sash stickers, which are found on both sides of fumehood. If raised above this line the fumehood will not operate properly.
  2. Keep all items in the fumehood at least 15cm (6 inches) from the sash to ensure no disruption of airflow.
  3. Once you are set up in the fumehood, lower the sash as much as possible to reduce risk of fumes escaping or splashing.
  4. Close the fumehood when you are not actively working inside.

Closing Down

  1. Ensure that any spills or leaks are cleaned up in the fumefood.
  2. Ensure gas and water valves are turned off and turn off any equipment not needed.
  3. Close the sash all the way down to reduce energy consumption.

Fumehood Safety

  • Secure a small piece of flagging tape or paper to the sash, this can be used to indicate whether air is flowing properly.
  • Monitor the air flow sensor (if present), to see if any alarms have been raised.
  • Check the latest test date on the fumehood sash height stickers. All fumehoods need to be tested annually as per WorkSafeBC regulations.
  • Do not store chemicals or equipment in the fumehood, this can lead to overcrowding, accidental spills, and potentially dangerous reactions for active users of the fumehood. Keep chemicals not being used in the correct storage areas.
  • If you notice air flow has stopped and it is not an emergency, call UBC Trouble Calls at 1-604-822-2171 or email the local operations team at
  • In an emergency situation call 911