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This page is for collecting examples of courses, learning resources, projects using flexible learning approaches. Following the CTLT staff meeting (in February, 2013) we were asked to:

  • Brainstorm our existing work related to flexible learning. Can we use this wiki format to do so?
  • Think about (and document) what new activities will help us advance flexible learning on campus.

Working Definitions

UBC Admin

Any online or blended (combination of online and face-to-face) learning modality in which technology is leveraged either to facilitate classroom interaction or to reduce the need for physical access and time in class.


Flexible Learning ....

  • Is learning that is not limited by time and physical space.
  • Can happen when learning opportunities are flexibly responsive to learners' needs.
  • Is defined by a focus on learning rather than on teaching.

Please add.

Examples in Practice

Workshops and Learning Opportunities

  • CTLT models a flexible learning approach through use of discussion, engagement, investigation and wiki-based resources to facilitate learning.
  • 1:1, group and clinic style support to work through use of specific technologies to meet learning goals.
  • Graduate ISW and PSW workshops are offered at multiple times and configurations (e.g: on weekend, one day a week for three weeks, three days in a row, ...) in order to: (1) allow learners to chose the configuration that best fits their needs, and (2) make use of "quiet" times for the CTLT space (e.g. weekends.)
  • Supporting Communities of Practice in a way that enables emergent learning -- each CoP collectively defines its practice and decides on areas of focus for learning. CTLT provides logistical support, resources, and facilitation.


  • Offering drop-in and appointment based consultations (responding flexibly to both anticipated and immediate learning needs.)



Learning Resources: Student Created

Student Toolkits

Student Toolkits Video Playlist

  • interactive tools for learning support.
  • supported by CTLT's Learning Resource Design Services

Sample Video: Critical Thinking

Three Minute Tutorials

  • supported by a collaborative project (TLEF) with the Library to develop online workshops for commuter and DL students.

Sample Video: Note Taking

Screencast Series

Sample Video: Mind Mapping

Digital Tattoo Project

  • resources to support learning related to digital identity
  • supported by CTLTs Learning Resource Design Services

Student Created Video


  • Learning Design Studio (looking for further discussion and exploration with the team). Some initial thoughts:
    • backwards design approach (Wiggins and McTighe) - we do this already (this terminology is associated with course design) - is this a useful concept for those outside of educational development (ie. our "clients"- learners, faculty, etc). Related questions?
      • how does this integrate with programs and services?
      • what are we missing?
    • drop-in service?

Other Institutions

Faculty PD Programs