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Using the Assignment Tool

Howcan red.jpg How can I use this tool?

  • Receive and grade assignments submitted electronically, either as attached files or as text or HTML typed directly onto the assignment page.
  • Provide students with immediate feedback of their work by posting their grades online, providing comments, uploading edited files, or sending assignments back to students for improvement and resubmission.
  • It is easy to grade assignments for group projects. You enter one score and it is put into the grade book for all group members.

Things consider red.jpg Considerations

There are a few things to remember when you use the WebCT Vista Assignment Tool:

  • Java: If students do not properly set up their computer to run WebCT Vista, there could Java RunTime problems. These types of problems will prevent students from being able to add attachments to their assignment submission.
  • Paging tool: Not all students are displayed automatically on assignment dropbox screen. You must determine which and how many records are shown using the page menu at the bottom left of the screen.
  • No Batch Download: There is no longer an option to download multiple assignments at once, in part because assignments can be submitted in forms other than file attachments.
  • New assignment "reset" method: When a student, for whatever reason, needs an assignment reset so he or she can resubmit again, the method for doing so is to send the assignment back to the student for further editing. There is no button called "reset."
  • Grade release option hidden: If you want students to be able to see their grades after you grade them, you have to turn gradebook column visibility on for each assignment. This option is hidden under a "More Options" link in the assignment properties.

Step red.jpg Step-by-Step

Print PDF Instructions

View Flash Video (Courtesy of Utah State University)

The PDF and Flash Video will demonstrate how to do the following:

  • Grade an assignment
  • Change a grade