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Using the Announcements Tool

Howcan red.jpg How can I use this tool?

Announcements are a great way of getting information to your students. Post announcements to remind your students of exam dates and course news.

Things consider red.jpg Considerations

There are a couple of things to remember when you use the announcements tool:

  • No after-editing: Once you have posted an announcement, you cannot open it up and edit it. Instead, you must delete the announcement and create a new one.
  • No archiving: Once an announcement expires, it disappears forever—even for you, the instructor. To prevent this, Fact recommends small.jpg Recommended Practice suggests setting announcements to expire the last day of the semester.
  • One-time pop-up: When you post an announcement, it will only popup for your students once.
  • HTML: When using html, the first paragraph of text is sometimes much smaller than the rest. To avoid this use a

    tag to begin the announcement.

  • Order: The default setting is to display the newest on the bottom – but they can be reordered.

Step red.jpg Step-by-Step

Print PDF Instructions

View Flash Video (Courtesy of Utah State University)

The PDF and Flash Video will demonstrate how to do the following:

  • Adding the tool
  • Creating an announcement

Additional Flash Videos (Courtesy of Arts ISIT)

→ Editing an announcement (Print PDF Instructions)

→ Deleting an announcement (Print PDF Instructions)