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UBC is migrating its email system from interchange to exchange. For more information, please check the project website You can also download a detailed migration guide here, if you want to learn more. Your new email address is . And by default, you have an alias , and it will be your default display address in any email you send to others. You also can require alias by contact either Jessica Sui ( or Sarah Ruddick (

I list a brief instruction below.

1. Account Provisioning. So far we have 103 users in Botany to be moved to Exchange. You can download a list here to find if you are among them. Theoretically, if you have an active UBC employee number, and if your host department is Botany, you should be able to get an Exchange account through Botany. But if you think you should be on the list but for some reason you are not, please contact Sean Shang.
2. Reset Password. The migration will be initialized by reset your CWL account password. Login to , click [Change Password], and type in your old CWL account password and new password twice, then click [Save]. Note: you can use the same password as long as if satisfy the CWL account password requirements (Passwords must be between 8 and 40 characters long and contain at least one letter and one number).
3. Using Web interface. Go to webpage: , type in your CWL account username and password to verify your new email account. For how to use the web interface, please see
4. Configure local E-mail Client. You can find the setup documents on for all supported programs on the FASmail Project website. The server information for the new Exchange accounts is also listed below.
Email Protocol Server Info Other info
Secure POP SSL required, port 995
Secure IMAP SSL required, port 993
Secure SMTP SSL and authentication required, port 465
MAPI Must be connected to VPN to set up
Outlook Anywhere (RPC) See setup docs
Outlook Web App

5. Set email forwarding from interchange to Exchange account.
a) Go to, log in and click on the forward your e-mail link.
b) Set the e-mail forwarding Status to Enabled, enter in the destination e-mail address ( and ensure that Retain a copy of all forwarded messages is NOT checked. It is very important that you do not keep a copy of forwarded messages locally or the mailbox will fill up. Click on the Update Settings button to enable e-mail forwarding.

For instructions on how to transfer your contacts from or migrate your emails, please read the Step 5 and Step 6 under "Interchange Migration Process" in the Migration Guide.