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edX data

Instructors and course teams can access most relevant aggregate course data in the Insights.

The weekly course data contains additional individual-student information.

Accessing weekly data

The weekly data damp captures the course state each wee. Data include individual student status on each course component, content of discussion forums, and additional information. Complete description of the data can be found in section 4.4.2. here:

The data for many UBC courses already exists in moocRP. If you data is missing, please email Ido Roll requesting to add the course.

To use moocRP, you will need to create an account and upload your pgp key. A recommended tool for GPG is gpgtools.

A good gpg tutorial for Mac can be found here. A good general gpg tutorial can be found here.

Accessing event data

In the rare case that the weekly data does not contain the data the you need, please email Ido Roll.

to do list

High priority

figure out when and how to use.

Daily events:
Build a general script to convert daily event data into course specific csv table. Build a simple way to run this for set dates and courses.

Student submission:
Build a script to convert the student status table to a csv table.

Choose many options:
Build a script to convert the choose many options to data showing % per option.

Authoring problems:
Document "best practices" for tagging problems.

Aggregate survey analysis:
Make a script that creates summaries and charts for Entry Survey, weekly Rapid Survey, and Exit Survey.

Matching survey analysis:
Add a capability to the Survey analysis that shows only students who completed x weeks, or completed both Entry and Exist surveys.

Modify MOOCrp:
To allow repeated downloads of weekly files. Currently the app is built to allow one down load per request.

Lower priority

Rename the repository to edXrp