Documentation:Digital Tattoo Student Orientation/Workplan 2016

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Strategic Plan

  • improve consistency (using learning wrapper)
  • fix alignment (learning design): video content, self assessment, explore - should support each other for all content pages.
  • align with CLF (UBC's Common Look and Feel)
  • support partnership with U of T
  • discuss partnership with SLAIS for content development, workshops and open resources (slide decks, video, etc)

Summer Term


Ideas for discussion

  • TBYI podcast series?

Winter 2015/16 Term

Content Development

  • Gaming and digital identity
  • Ephemeral net - why? COMPLETED
  • UBC Streeters: Mindfulness
  • Broken links overhaul COMPLETED


  • Student events

By end of the winter term

  • Run regular blogs once a week
  • Monthly streeters