Documentation:Digital Tattoo Student Orientation/Workplan 2015

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Strategic Priorities

  • Open Access Week: Oct 19-25 (UBC-SFU combined events: Oct. 22nd) - blog post - featured content - social media -open access and digital identity.
  • U of T partnership (Julie and Cindy)

Content Development

  • site/content QA
  • Open Access week
  • Open Education (re-work self assessment)
  • Gaming and digital identity
  • Cybervetting-overexposed (review and adding question)
  • Ephemeral net - why?

* Terms and Conditions

Ideas to consider:

  • Learning analyitcs


  • student events

By end of fall term

  • edit quiz for Open Learning - Think section to be more in line with themes of video:
  • ensure all images are appropriately credited and add alt tag in media library
  • produce 1 streeter and use as blog post. (Cybervetting to be posted first week in Dec)